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Grass Cutting


Most of the properties we maintain will have there grass cut twice a month between Aprill & November. There are a few exceptions where we do cut the grass on a weekly basis or just once a month. On most sites we cut and gather the grass and take the cutting away for composting. As well as cutting the grass we will strim the edges of the lawn and around any obstacles where the mowers cannot get into.

We do have to cut grass in wet conditions (believe me we would rather not). This makes our job alot harder and takes us longer to cut the grass. The mowers do not collect the grass as well in the wet so we struggle to leave the lawns looking as good as they would when we cut in the dry. Also wet grass is very difficult to sweep off paths. We use a blower and will try to leave paths as clear as possible.

We do not weed/moss treat lawns on most sites. This is a service that we can provide but there would be an extra cost involved. Also where some people like a nice weed free lawn others like to see daiseys, buttercups or dandelions.

Objects like table and toys on grassed areas. We do have to move objects to cut the grass. If there are objects on the lawn we may have to cut an area of the lawn and then move the objects to that area and then cut the rest of the grass. Because of the extra time it takes us to move the objects we may not be able to put them back in there orignal position. Please contact me if this is likely to cause a problem and we may be able to help. Please try not to leave stones and small objects on the lawns as this could cause damage to property, people or machinery.

Lawn edges and stones.On some sites we do have a problem with stones being used for decorative reasons. If stones are used next to a lawn an edging stone(or similair) must be used. We cannot mow or strim where stones are present because of the risks involved. If there is an area where stones are present we will maintain the area but it will not be to a high standard and we will not be responsible for any damage caused to property or vehicles. The use of plastc decorations or edging is also not adviced as they can get damaged from the strimmer.

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