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Borders & Weeding

 Many sites we maintain have been designed  for ease of maintenance. These sites tend to have a bark mulch to help suppress weeds and lock in moisture. On these sites we do not dig over the soil. If the bark mulch has rotted, or been blown away we will freshen the soil up through the winter.

On other sites where bark mulch has not been used we will dig the borders over several times through the year.

Weeds are mainly controlled by the use of systemic weed killer. These are  safe to use and are absorbed by the weed which kill it from the root up. It can take several weeks before the weed dies and some more established weeds may need to by sprayed again.

What is a weed. A weed is a  plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted. Many plants that we would regard as weed others would argue is a plant. If it has been not been planted intentionally on a site then it could be classed as a weed. Many plants on the sites we maintain are shrubs. So for example let's say some pansies or marigolds started to grow in a border, planted with shrubs, we would class them as a weed even though are a plant.

We have in the past up set residents who have planted seeds in an area of ground. When they have began to  grow our gardener has come along and sprayed them with a weed killer. Un known to us the resident has spent the last 4 weeks watching and waiting for the seeds to grow. We have a problem. If you are going to plant any seeds please try and help us by doing one or all of the following

  • When you plant an area please try and put some string and canes around the area to try and distinguish it from the surrounding area. Put the seed packets cane's.
  • Communicate with the gardeners, so that they are made aware and ask them to make a note.
  • Fill out the contact form giving as much detail as possible.



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